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Maestro Sox: Why Should You Be Wearing Them

If you haven't yet heard about Maestro Sox then you could be missing out on something that can help take your game to the next level.

maestro sox soccer grip socks
As you can probably tell from the photo above, the sole of these socks is unlike any other soccer sock. Maestro Sox have engineered these to ensure absolutely no slippage of the sock while you play, reduce blisters and increase comfortability.

Why would that matter?

When your foot slips the skin rubs against your footwear's sockliner & the inside of the sock itself. The more your skin rubs, the greater the chance of you developing painful blisters that can affect your game, causing discomfort or even injuries.


maestro sox grip technology

Maestro's grip socks are actually inspired by Gecko feet. Gecko's are well-known for essentially being able to stick to any surface thanks to their naturally ribbed soles. Maestro Sox engineered non-slip rubber pads that mimics the Gecko's feet. This technology is instantly noticeable as your foot will feel far more secure & stable inside your footwear.

anti slip soccer grip socks


Maestro Sox has amazing quality materials such as: cotton, spandex and nylon fiber, which results in extraordinary comfort. The cotton provides a thick cushioning layer on the bottom part of the sock which is perfectly balanced between thickness and breathability so your feet can stay dry even in the most humid conditions, while increasing cushion for comfortability. In addition, the spandex and nylon fiber gives the grip socks a compress fit that will make you feel more stable and confident.

nike tiempo with soccer grip socks

How much does a pair cost?

Maestro Sox is one of the most affordable grip socks you could find in the market right now, at just $15/pair.

Worn by professionals

Whether it's stability, cushioning, improved cleat responsiveness, or even comfort, overall, pros wear Maestro Sox because they understand that it'll give them an added edge on the playing field.

pro soccer player wearing anti slip socks

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