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How To Wear Grip Socks With Your Team Socks

Obviously grip socks aren't part of your team's uniform, so how do you go about wearing them during competitive matches, you may ask. There's three simple steps:


You'll need to pick a pair which matches the color of your team's current socks or a white pair. If you don't adhere to this, you could be pulled up by the referee & be told to remove your grip socks.


You're going to have to sacrifice your regular game socks by cutting them with scissor, removing the foot, starting from somewhere around the ankle.


You simply put on your grip socks & push your foot through the new hole in your regular socks. This way you gain all the benefits (stability, cushioning, comfortability) of the grip socks while also adhering to your team's uniform.


If you choose not to cut your game socks, you could consider a footless or stirrup socks.

Now that you've got your grip socks with your team socks, get out there on the pitch & feel the benefits: stability, cushioning, and comfortability. No wonder so many professional players are also wearing them!

NYCFC soccer player wearing maestro soxanti slip socks for soccer playersslip resistant socks for soccer
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